QSP – Marketing Management & Research works with Neurons Inc to provide their full capabilities of applied neuroscience solutions to Portugal. Neurons Inc are using specific methods to accomplish this, including:

. Eye-tracking – This is a method for measuring where people are looking, and what they are missing. With a millisecond accuracy, eye-tracking allows researchers to better understand what consumers are seeing, what they are missing, and even quantify how much or little products, brands and other items are seen.

. Brain Scanning – By using EEG (electroencephalography), Neurons Inc can measure emotional and cognitive responses during all walks of the consumer journey. The Neurons Inc NeuroMetrics include arousal and engagement, motivation, cognitive load and distraction. The NeuroMetric responses are used both to measure general features over time (e.g. a store walk) or responses to individual items (e.g., products, packages, a brand in an ad).

. Biometrics – heart rate, respiration and GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) is sometimes used to measure more general features of emotional responses. However, these measures are already covered with the NeuroMetrics solution, and thus it is mostly these methods that are used.

. NeuroPsychological Tests – Neurons Inc has developed and validated neuropsychological tests that allow researcher to optimally measure and understand memory and other aspects of consumer behavior, including a stepwise debriefing protocol that allows full understanding of the consumer experience and memory.


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