Telephone Interviews


The telephone interviews are other of methods used in data collection. It consists of inquiring by phone a sample of respondents and conduct questions previously tested. Telephone interviews have the advantage of ensuring greater randomness of the samples. QSP – Marketing Management & Research conducts studies based on computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI), where the questionnaire is inserted in a computer using a specific programming system, and the interviewer follows the script of the interview shown on the computer.

This system reduces the error and improves the quality of data as eliminates the human error from the questionnaire, particularly in surveys that have “filters” and “jumps”. Furthermore it does not require data codification; it is an automatic and computerized process. These conditions also ensure fast delivery of projects. We are able to produce instantly detailed reports on the process of data collection, avoiding adjustments out of time. The delivery time of projects decreases significantly with the use of this technology: in simpler projects delivery time of projects is virtually immediate of the conclusion of data collection.