Hall Test


Hall Tests are a widely methodology used in Market Research, very useful when it is important to familiarize consumers or targets within investigation object. Although it can be used in a wide range of uses, Hall Tests are primarily aimed to evaluate products and / or concepts effectively and quickly.

Hall Tests involve the recruitment of respondents near from the place where it will be conducted. Respondents often receive incentives for participation including products or services from the brand that is being evaluated. In addition to the research issues it becomes a way of brands communicate with their target audience.

This methodology allows getting detailed information and an immediate feedback from consumers about the brand, product or concept, in a controlled environment, which ensures the coherence of the research conditions. All respondents are under the same environment. The research team can manipulate the environmental variables of each research (eg. smell, decor, etc.).

Although Hall Test are mainly oriented to quantitative research, the interaction with the interviewees and their observation allows to explore in depth their views, either through in-depth interviews, either by observation of their decision processes.


. Excellent cost-effectiveness (possibility of interviewing a large number of participants);
. Methodology can use multiple tools (quick interviews, in-depth interviews, direct observation);
. Possibility of brands communicate with their target audience during Project;
. Multidisciplinary: technique that can be used for different areas of investigation.