Desk Research


Desk Research is a research methodology of secondary data, through the search in different sources to get all relevant information according to the object of Study.

In an investigation through Desk Research, QSP – Marketing Management & Research uses several sources. The experience and critical analysis of the team of consultants assigned to each Project thus becomes an important driver in the filter and selection of the sources and information more important and relevant, safeguarding the reliability criteria of the information collected.
In Desk Research, QSP consults several official studies and statistics of national (and international, if applicable) organizations that are dedicated to the sector under analysis; and, also, all available information about the object of analysis, whether digital or printed. QSP has a set of market intelligence partners that enables the access to the most comprehensive and current global insights on industries, businesses, products, services and trends.

The exploratory nature of Desk Research becomes interesting in the most different types of research and projects, both as a main research tool and as a tool to support other research methods