Research Techniques


Non standardized Studies are fit customized to the client’s needs with methodologies adapted to achieve the goals previously defined.

QSP – Marketing Management & Research for each research chooses and suggests an appropriated methodology in result of its team expertise and previous analysis of the goals and market targeted.

QSP – Marketing Management & Research uses the most appropriate quantitative and / or qualitative methodologies to achieve the goals. For each research, QSP studies the market, the company and its objectives, in order to provide the best technical solution. We provide a reliable and robust tool work to support decision making process inside organizations.

QSP uses multiple research techniques (quantitative and / or qualitative) of data collection and data analysis (statistical and non-statistical), in a complementary and exclusive way, according with research goals, making use of the most appropriate technical and informatics tools.

Non standardized studies require greater collaboration and a closed partnership between QSP and customers.


Research Técnicas