Spa & Wellness Study


Nowadays the phenomenon of Spas reveals a common denominator in the lives of many people who seeks the physical and spiritual welfare.

The Spa & Wellness Consumer allows obtaining many and various quantitative information like:

. Socio-Demographic Characterization
. Psychographic Characterization
. Awareness
. Loyalty
. Communication
. Price
. Parameters of choice of the establishment
. Treatments
. Consumer Associations to Spa

It still allows identifying of the tipology of Spas tested and its frequency of utilization regarding:

Infra-structure Type:

. Destination Spa
. Spa Resort / Hotel
. Day Spa

Spa Types by Specialty:

. Naturist Spa
. Medical Spa
. Holistic Spa
. Sports / Adventure Spa
. Nutrition Spa
. Aesthetic Spa
. Thermal Spa
. Wellness Spa