Seniors Barometer


The population dynamics in Portugal has experienced strong changes in recent decades. It is expected a growth of this segment to 2 million people until 2014, representing 19.2% of the population, and 3 million until 2050, about 32% of the Portuguese population. This is an important segment of the population in profound transformation with new habits, preferences and behaviors that require further research.

QSP – Marketing Management & Research conducts this Seniors Barometer, which characterizes this new demographic segment and includes a set of valuable information for organizations activity.

The Seniors Barometer enables to obtain quantitative information like:

. Lifestyle and socio-demographic profile
. Perceptions about retirement
. Food
. Health and Preventative Care
. Beauty and wellness
. Leisure, Tourism and Hobbies
. Financial Services

A comparison by age groups – pre-seniors (55-64) and seniors (+65) provides valuable and useful information in addressing the senior target. And will confirm the current traditional segmentation of Baby Boomers, Seniors and Young Seniors? The Barometer will respond.

The QSP Seniors Barometer is an important tool for decisive action in this segment. With 1500 face-to-face interviews with people between 55 and 74, it presents results by region, gender, social class and age, as well as results by content.