Segmentation Studies


Segmenting market is split it into smaller and homogeneous groups in their characteristics, whether demographic, psychographic, behavioral or others. Another important concept to retain is that of “positioning”, that takes us to the position that the object of study (product, brand, concept, etc.) occupies in the mind of the consumer. Many times there are positioning gaps which means that what particular brand seeks to “tell” to the market is not what consumers perceive and assimilate.

QSP – Marketing Management & Research uses the most actual and efficient tools in data collection and analysis in studies of consumer segmentation and positioning, as well as the expertise of its consultants in their characterization.

The results presented are from mathematical and statistical methods of multivariate data analysis transformed into actionable market information. The conjoint analysis, factor analysis, principal components analysis, discriminant analysis, cluster analysis, among others, are some tools of multivariate data analysis used in these kind of studies.

A mix between a deep knowledge of techniques of data analysis and knowledge about market is crucial to create an output graphically appealing and easily readable.

Studies of Segmentation and Positioning help organizations and brands to define more clearly who are the customers and potential customers of the organization, it allows to see if there is any gap between the current position of the company and what wants to be. It is an important contribution in identification of market opportunities.