QSP Ethnographic Study


Ethnography is a research technique increasingly used outside the context of anthropology and is considered one of the most interesting methodological tools in the qualitative study of places, situations, practices, people, behaviors, contexts, networks and flows.

Through an ethnographic methodology, the researcher is able to get an inside vision by putting himself in another’s place, conducting a study of any subject of analysis through a direct and close experience of reality where it occurs. For its versatility, this methodology can be applied to several realities, contexts and situations, allowing detailed information collection about features, needs and opinions of individuals who use a particular product and/or service in their real environment. It may also be associated with technological tools, properly framed to reality under study, contributing to a match between the qualitative and the quantitative, giving a further strengthening of the collected data. By involving systematic recording, faithful to reality, the QSP ethnographic study will be the result coming from information collected through field notes and daily observation; unstructured or semi-structured interviews; mapping of sites and places; photo and video; audio recordings; and / or various documents.