Impact Studies


Our action is justified by the growing necessity of enterprising companies to demonstrate the relevance of new projects implementation in the market beyond responsible entities in the public or private space management, or face to financial entities. The Impact Study will provide necessary elements to analyze the project impact implementation and will justify the project pertinence and relevance.

More and more the cities need promote its identity and qualities to affirm and differentiate themselves in the urban network, now more and more competitive. In this context, the relevance of economic and social offer and the space image, like, architectonical quality, assume a vital importance in the cities marketing.

The emergent law, namely in the commercial licensing, reflects the importance that in national sphere is attributed to the public space management at social, economic, environmental and/or cultural levels.


. Justification of a new commercial area before the official entities
. Reduction of the risks associated to a wrong localization of a commercial area