Annual Brands Awareness Study


This study of Brands Awareness is research conducted annually which supports the brands published in the magazine “Marcas que Marcam”. In this printed magazine are published the brands most often cited in Research conducted, however, nothing is stated about his ranking (except the brand most mentioned in spontaneous awareness).

This study includes a ranking with the 15 most mentioned brands in each category of products and / or services, even not belonging to the category concerned or being discontinued, and properly highlighted, showing the exact perception of consumers about the brands in its category. Because of it may be differences between the rankings of this study and the brands mentioned in “Marcas que Marcam” magazine. This study is an excellent framework for brands because they can view your ranking and position in the competition field.

The methodology adopted in the preparation of this Research aims to gauge the awareness of brands associated with a set of categories of products and / or services. Initially, it was selected a set of categories (80) by consultants QSP – Marketing Management & Research. This selection came from a qualitative analysis driven by consultants in order to aggregate products and services in wide categories. In a second phase, between this selected set of categories, was carried out a quantitative study, with the general public, through face-to-face interviews, with the aim of assessing the brand spontaneous and top of mind awareness’s, belonging to these categories. For each set of 10 categories of products and / or services, 312 respondents were asked to indicate what brands they knew associated with these categories.