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The QSP Summit is one of most prestigious management and marketing conference in Europe.

QSP Summit started on 2007 and every year, current questions in Management, Trends, Marketing and Branding areas are discussed. In this way, QSP invites the global great Gurus and companies.

QSP Summit aims to:

. Develop companies and brands;
. Inspire guide-lines, instruments and innovative tools of development and management organizations and brands;
. Contact managers, marketers and decision makers;
. Associate universities and companies;
. Prepare students and future opinion makers from business environment;
. Meet the best and most current strategies and tactics of Marketing and Branding;
. Heard, learn and share experiences and knowledge from most recognized specialists and with companies with same worries.

QSP conferences are part of concretization our mission: “to guide our clients in value creation, through adequate orientated strategies to market, offering relevant and accurate marketing information for their business success with innovative methodologies”.Beyond the concretization of its mission, it open a new space of discussion with the world of academy, of companies and society in general looking for new issues and the teachings of the best Gurus in each area.

Over these years, QSP summit has been receiving the greatest marketing gurus and brands that are a source of inspiration for many marketers. It is an advantage to all who were able to attend.

A nossa promessa é de continuar a ser uma das melhores conferências do sector na Europa.

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QSP Summit

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