Privacy Policy


The present text constitutes the Privacy Policy of QSP – Marketing Management & Research, in all its areas of activity, namely, Strategic Consulting of Marketing, Branding and Consumption, guaranteeing the protection of all personal data transmitted to it.

The practices of QSP – Marketing Management & Research are in accordance with the national and community legislation in force regarding data protection.

Before providing your Personal Data, you should read the present Privacy Policy, to know your rights, how we treat and protect your data and who should contact for clarification.


Responsible for the Treatment
The QSP – QUALIDADE, SERVIÇO, PREÇO – Marketing Management & Research, LDA., a private limited company with registered office at Avenida da Boavista, 1167, 4th floor, room 5, Porto, Portugal, with the unique registration number at the Commercial Registry Office of Porto and of collective person 506901920 (hereinafter referred to as QSP), is the entity Responsible for the Treatment of your data.


Treatment of Personal Data
In accordance with the activity that is developed and the purpose of the data treatment, the data we collect and the way we treat them are different, but always according to the consent of the Data Subjects.

In accordance with the consent of the Data Subjects, we treat them for market research and research.

QSP – Marketing Management & Research collects and processes personal data, such as:
(i) name;
(ii) sex;
(iii) fixed and / or mobile phone numbers;
(iv) e-mail address.


The treatment of Personal Data being the responsibility of QSP – Marketing Management & Research, consists of the operation or set of operations performed on those personal data, by automated or non-automated means.
Personal data may be subject to automated treatment, that is, creating a profile to define the personal preferences and behaviors of your Holder in order to tailor any advertising information and / or marketing campaigns to that data.


QSP – Marketing Management & Research may transmit the personal data that are provided to third parties, for the purposes of treatment. In this situation, QSP – Marketing Management & Research guarantees that the subcontractor will comply with all the obligations that derive from the legislation on protection of personal data.
Personal data may be shared with entities which are not located in the European Economic Area, but which are obliged to comply with the legislation on the protection of personal data, in particular Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016.


Data Subjects Rights
In accordance with the legislation on the protection of personal data in force, all the Data Subjects who consent treatment of their personal data by QSP – Marketing Management & Research, have the right to:
1. at any time, withdraw consent for the treatment of personal data;
2. proceed or request the correction of any of the personal data provided;
3. access to them at any time;
4. oppose that they are used for marketing and / or advertising purposes;
5. request the portability of the same, to the entity that for that effect indicate;
6. request the erasure of all personal data that has provided by the present mean, and that are not necessary for the fulfilment of any legal obligations on the part of the entity responsible for collecting them;
7. be informed by QSP if it may intend to proceed with the treatment of personal data for purposes other than those which are hereby given consent.
The communication of personal data does not constitute any legal obligation nor the failure to provide it prevents the celebration of any contract.
For any information, as well as for the exercise of the rights that are legally conferred upon it, Data Subjects may contact us by the phone number 226 108 552 or by e-mail at the address For the same purpose, you can access the QSP – Marketing Management & Research website, through the link
Please be advised that you can submit any complaint regarding a possible violation of your rights to the Portuguese Data Protection Authority or the regulatory entity that may be designated for this purpose.


Data Conservation
In order to promote the security and protection of the legal rights of the Data Subjects, it is by this mean acknowledged that their data will be kept for the period strictly necessary for each activity of study and market research, and after this period, personal data will be erased or anonymised in a way that does not allow the identification of the Holder.

Data Protection Officer

QSP – Marketing Management & Research has appointed a Data Protection Officer, who can contact to clarify any doubt or to submit a complaint, through the e-mail address

QSP – Marketing Management & Research reserves the right to change the present Privacy Policy without prior notice, so it will be in your interest to regularly consult our website to keep informed.