Neuromarketing Task Force Applies to:


. Packaging
. In-store
. Innovation

About NeuroMarketing Task Force If you want to understand consumers’ responses in more mobile settings, we offer the Neuromarketing Task Force. By using state of the art mobile solutions for assessing unconscious consumer responses, we have protocols for testing in many mobile settings such as:

. In-store tests – test how consumers fare in your stores – are they stressed or relaxed? Explore the effects of ads on in-store behavior; find the optimal in-store signage to guide consumer navigation and choice.

. Mobile app studies – assess how consumers respond to the apps they have at their disposal – is the interface too slow or cluttered? Does an app really improve the consumer experience?

. Usability tests – Test consumer responses to new packaging or product design – what is the tactile impact on emotional responses

. Contextual effects – explore the hidden effects of multiple senses in more realistic settings – do odors or music have an effect on consumer behavior and choice? At what time does such sensory effects have an impact?


Neuromarketing Task Force

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