Sustainable City Strategy

The discussions and challenges that cities around the world currently face are largely justified by the need for mobility and accessibility, conditioned by the pace of population growth. Urban infrastructures will not be able to physically support these flows, requiring development to be designed by integrating all the agents who live in the public space, and by promoting behavioural change, towards new, more sustainable and facilitating habits.

For cities with “melhor mobilidade, mais qualidade de vida” (better mobility, more quality of life), QSP and ALLENPMC joined forces in creating a Sustainable City Strategy that will encourage greater and better sustainable mobility in the municipalities.


. Diagnose the specific needs of the city/municipality;
. Understand the installed mobility system and barriers to change;
. Study the concerns of the main stakeholders of the city/municipality;
. Establish an action strategy to mitigate problems and promote new habits;
. Present concrete, material and immaterial measures;
. Build a communication plan for the proposed measures.