Loyalty Program


Loyalty is the new paradigm of relational marketing. In competitive context of XXI century, is required to retain customers, because conquer a new client costs between five and seven times more than to sell the same volume to a current client. It is fundamental sell more to the same customers, constructing long-term relations, introducing emotion in this relation. It is important construct psychological and emotional barriers to avoid changes, as well, evidencing the economic advantages with a continuous relation, in a win-win perspective.

In this process it is fundamental the relationship with the customers as a strategic element. This process must be structured in order to all interactions with customers can generate competitive differentiation. We consider 3 fundamental elements for a relationship strategy in a loyalty process: customer value, value creation and relationship cycle.


. Increase of:
.. Share of wallet
.. Cross Selling
.. Positive associations
.. Overpricing
. Decrease of:
.. Customer acquisition costs
.. Service costs