City Marketing Plan


Cities are more than its location. They are brands that convey concepts, attributes and a positioning reflected in its image. The most competitive cities are those that have the ability to improve their intangible assets, because all others assets do not always depend on the willingness of its promoters.

It starts with a set of previous analyzes of the city and its competitive environment. The City Marketing Plan provides a differentiation strategy that will allow the “branded city” to be recognized and stat itself in terms of attracting internal and external markets; attracting relevant events according to the positioning of the city; consolidating brand identity; supporting decisions of structural investments; attracting businesses and investments; improving the quality of life; in the sustaining the city’s image; and helping in the competitiveness and economic structure of the city.

The QSP City Marketing Plan is a Project fulfilled in conjunction with key stakeholders in the city that provide a set of strategic guidelines and practical suggestions for actions to be done in the national and international sphere, that will build a strong, competitive and sustainable brand.