Brand Strategic Plan



In a market where the brand capital assumes increased importance, it is indispensable that the company’s image follow tendencies and be constantly approaching to its clients. This challenge obliges a construction of a strong brand giving to their clients a feeling of being part of a culture with distinctive personality. In the other side, it guarantees a high level performance in all value chain. To follow this medium and long term goal is essential to coordinate the organizational culture and the strategic vision. A brand is a possibility to attract a loyal and lucrative client. Brand loyalty offers some kind of protection against competitors and more effective control in the marketing activities planning. It is proved that a brand creates an emotional link that surpasses institutions and a satisfied client turns into a brand and company defender.


. Awareness increase
. Customer loyalty increase beyond reason
.Perceived quality increase: possibility to increase prices
. Customer turn-over decrease
. Costs reduction through new customers acquisition
. Positive word of mouth
. Easier introduction of new products
. Brand equity increase
. Difficult the entrance of new competitors
. Increase of quantity consumed by customer